What is the Interlaken Summer Experience?

The Interlaken Summer Experience, sponsored by the International Baptist Convention, is a popular event offering daily Bible studies, worship times, seminars and activities for all age groups. Leaders from around the world come to Interlaken to preach, teach, lead music and worship.

The surrounding area - one of the most beautiful in Switzerland - offers a wide variety of recreational activities (www.interlaken.ch).

The program starts with conference registration from 3pm onwards on Saturday, 4 July (Alpenstrasse 23), the first meeting is at 7pm (same location). The conference concludes on Thursday, 9 July, around 12:30.

Due to decreasing attendance and increasing costs, this will be our final time to meet in Interlaken!

If you haven't been yet, or have been thinking about returning, this is the year to do it!

There will be no summer event in 2016 as a team will be taking time to look at other options for location, program, dates, duration, etc. and re-model this event so it is more accessible and meaningful for our churches. You have the opportunity to give us your input on this by completing a survey: click here. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you, whether you have participated in the Interlaken Summer Experience before or not.

Information for download:



Interlaken on a Budget

Interlaken on Your Own (a practical guide to your week in Interlaken: food, sightseeing, activities)

MAP online / MAP to print

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15:00-18:45  Registration
19:00 Opening Worship Service
Sunday-Wednesday mornings:
09:00-10:00      Early Morning Seminar
10:30-11:30      Late Morning Seminar
11:45-12:30      Morning Worship
Sunday-Wednesday evenings:
19:00-20:30   Evening Worship
Thursday morning:
09:30-10:15      Early Morning Seminar
10:30-11:15      Late Morning Seminar
11:30-12:30      Closing Worship Service

Something for everyone...

The conference offers three separate tracks for adults, youth and children.


Mornings begin at 9.00 with seminars until 11.15, followed by worship and Bible study, from 11.45 - 12.30 (except Thursday when we will begin at 9.30: see schedule above). The afternoons are free and the day concludes with a worship service at 19.00. 

Participants select two seminars which they attend each day throughout the week. The seminar topics for this year are:

Experiencing God as a Way of Life (Tom Blackaby);  Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late (Robert J. Morgan);  How to Prepare & Share Expositional Bible Lessons & Sermons (Robert J. Morgan); How Paul Got to Philippi: Case Studies in Christ-Centered Leadership (Richard Wells); Biblical Counsel in the Psychology Age: Principles and Methods (Richard Wells); Understanding and Sharing the Good News with Jehovah's Witnesses & Latter-Day Saints (Phil Roberts); Business as Ministry (Richard Hamlet); Christianity & Islam (Bruce Boeckel); The Bible and Natural Sciences (Bruce Boeckel); Bible book study: Isaiah (Bob Marsh); Cutting through the Clutter (Kim Blackaby).

For more detailed seminar descriptions, click here

Tom Blackaby (www.blackaby.net) is our speaker for the morning service, looking at 'The Questions God Asks'.

Robert J. Morgan (www.robertjmorgan.com) is our speaker for the evening service. His messages will be from the strengthening passages of Scripture:

1. Growing Stronger in Walking through Life - Psalm 23

2. Growing Stronger in Dealing with Others - 1 Corinthians 13

3. Growing Stronger in Trusting the Lord - Habakkuk 1-3

4. Growing Stronger in Understanding God’s Ways - Romans 8:26-39

5. Growing Stronger in Undertaking God’s Work - Philippians 4


Children enjoy a biblically-based program that is designed especially for Interlaken. Led by a team of trained volunteers, the children´s program provides Bible learning, music, recreation, excellent care and activities for children from infants through age 11. Children with special needs are very welcome. The children's program takes place during all adult sessions (mornings & evenings). This year's theme will be 'Journey Off the Map' from Lifeway.





Dorm rooms (4 beds) have been reserved at the Backpackers Hostel across the street from the conference center (www.villa.ch). This option includes a daily breakfast and there is a kitchen facility for preparing other meals yourself. Singles who wish to stay with this group must register early to make sure their accommodations are confirmed. The DEADLINE is June 15, 2015.

Youth (Euroventure camp)

Euroventure attracts large numbers of youth each year at its popular site in Grindelwald. The youth program is packed with Bible study, worship, small group sharing time, recreation and much more! Youth registration fees & online registration are separate from family registrations.  Fees depend on the number of youth in a family attending Euroventure and include camp registration, food and lodging for each student. The earlier you register, the lower the cost! Go to the youth website by clicking here and to register online click here.

Euroventure (Teen):  €260 (before 1 May)/€280 (before 1 June)/€300 (before 1 July)/€320 (after 1 July)

There is a €20 discount per child if you register siblings.

Euroventure (Adult Sponsor): Only €200


Any questions, contact our Camp Coordinator, Jan Horak: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Where is Interlaken?

Interlaken is a resort city that, as its name suggests, is situated between two lakes in the midst of the Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps. It is approx. 60 kilometres (30 minutes) south-east of Bern, Switzerland. Train service to Interlaken from both Bern and Zurich is excellent and includes a direct service from Zurich airport.


The International Baptist Convention regrets that it is unable to book accommodations for you. However, as a resort city, Interlaken has a wide variety of housing available (hotels, apartments, chalets and camp sites). Individuals and families should make their own arrangements, unless one person in the church you attend is designated as Interlaken coordinator. Housing arrangements should be made early because facilities in Interlaken and nearby villages fill up quickly. Local tourist bureaus mail brochures to IBC churches listing all available housing in the area, as does the website (www.interlaken.ch). Churches have also received from the IBC office a brochure providing information on lower cost accommodation options. The conference location is Alpenstrasse 23 (school buildings) and Alpenstrasse 45 (Artos Hotel) on the east side of Interlaken. If you do not have access to an IBC church and need assistance, please contact:

Tourist Office Interlaken
Höhenweg 37, CH-3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)33 826 5300
Fax: +41 (0)33 826 5375
(Outside Switzerland drop the “0”)
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.interlakentourism.ch